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We have a five member board that is appointed by the Rock Island County Board Chairperson. We meet once a month, 6:30PM on the second Wednesday of the month, at 18011 Hubbard Road, East Moline, IL. We manage the tax levy, provide budgets, and overall manage the Port Byron Fire Department. We encourage any resident of our district to attend our monthly meeting. Our goal is an open, responsible management of the district’s finances and resources.
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The district was established May 1948 to provide fire protection to an area of upper Rock Island county. It has always been serviced by the Port Byron Fire Department, which until a few years ago was a part of and managed by the village of Port Byron. The geographically larger fire district hired the village and paid for fire protection services. In January 2009 the Port Byron Fire Department was annexed into the Rapids City Fire Protection District giving the District fire protection responsibility for Port Byron, Rapids City, and the surrounding rural area. The Rapids City Fire Protection District services approximatley 9,000 people in a 29.5 square mile District.

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